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When the boy returns from his first trip he looks
and acts differently, and he Is never the same
again to his playmates.

To us as youngsters such a boy seemed to have
learned some great secret which he would not tell
anybody, not even his own parents.

On succeeding trips into the mountains the
medicine-man continues the mental strengthening
process and gradually adds to this a severe course
In physical training; for, according to him, a
strong mind and a 'strong heart* (courage) cannot
exist in other than a strong body.

This training of the will-power and the body
lasts for about three years. At the end of this
period the boy's body is as hard as steel, and his
will-power Is developed to such a high degree that
he can stand the severest forms of pain without any
apparent suffering. The young man now acts
like his tutor. His body is a thing apart from
himself and Its sensations are to be ignored. For
instance-, he never scratches himself when a mos-
quito bites him or a temporary itching sensation
occurs on his body. He just Ignores It. His
mind has gained the ascendancy over his physical
self, according to the medicine-man, and soon the
boy will be able to control others with his mind

But first he must go through a long, strenuous
course In "medicine3. This 'medical' training